Are you concerned that air pollution will harm your health? Do you or a family member suffer from respiratory problems, such as asthma, because of the quality of air that you breathe? If you have a story to share, please share it with Consumers Union (CU) here. Your story matters.

CU’s Green Energy campaign is collecting stories from people across the country to help us push for change in government policy that would reduce air pollution and help the environment. Over 150 million Americans breathe unhealthy air, and a major source of this pollution is passenger and heavy-duty vehicles. Our campaign is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stand on the side of consumers, not Big Oil, and approve the Clean Car Plan that would clean up our nation’s gasoline and significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, at a cost of only a penny to a gallon of gas! Your story about breathing in smog or other toxins, or living near a major roadway will help us illustrate why Americans deserve this common-sense plan for cleaning up the air we breathe.

So far, over 2,000 people have shared their stories with us about clean air (or lack thereof). Here are some examples of real people like you who’ve told us why clean air is important to them:

“Life depends on clean air and I have had to live with respiratory trouble because of pollution. I have had to live with asthma and now my children have asthma. I’ve seen the consequence of bad air quality and can imagine how disappointed future generations will be.” –Michael, Idaho

“I live near a major Southern California freeway, an international airport AND a set of train tracks… every day there is a fine layer of soot and particulates over everything in my house…I can only imagine what my lungs look like!” –CB, California

“My four year old and husband both have asthma. Also, who wants to live in a world with dirty air? It’s just common sense.” –Carrie, Florida

Please take a moment to share your story and help us counter the power of Big Oil companies that don’t want to change how they do business, even if it could prevent tens of thousands of asthma attacks, respiratory problems and other health issues each year.