EPA’s annual report shows MY 2012 vehicle sales hit an all time record high for car and truck average fuel economy.   And the trend is likely to continue.


Highlights from the report demonstrate many positive developments:

  • MY 2012 fuel economy averaged 23.6 miles per gallon—a new record and 1.2 mpg higher than MY 2011.
  • Fuel economy has improved in 7 of the last 8 years.
  • Preliminary MY 2013 data projects an additional 0.4 mpg increase in fuel economy and 6 g/mile decrease in CO2 emissions.

Boosting fuel economy saves consumers real money on their fuel bills and drives alternative technologies that carry even lower fuel costs.  The new report also shows that across vehicle types, consumers have an increasing number of high fuel economy choices


Nearly every manufacturer increased fuel economy in MY 2012.  Daimler, Honda, Mazda, and Ford posted the biggest improvement from MY 2011 to MY 2012.  The wide range of vehicle choices and technologies being deployed and growing consumer appetite for greater fuel economy are likely to continue.


Rapid deployment of new technologies in gasoline powered vehicles and alternative fuel technologies are further increasing consumer choice.


Supported by these trends and the growth of vehicles that already meet 2025 CAFE standards, the MY 2017-2025 fuel economy and carbon emission standards are well within reach.