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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Whether it be your refrigerator, your light bulbs or your car, the more energy efficient your products are, the less energy you use and the more money you save. Help the environment and your pocketbook at the same time!

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  • Is Your State or City Among the Cleanest in the Nation?

    Clean Edge has released the results for its Clean Energy Leadership Index, comparing which states and major cities are leading the way in terms of clean energy technology usage.   Out of all the states, California was ranked first among all states by a “wide margin” according to the report. State performance was evaluated on Continue Reading

  • Manufacturers Attempt to Weaken Energy Star Program

    By Guest Blogger Mia Council   For people purchasing new appliances, energy efficiency is one of the most important considerations–not only for the purpose of preserving the environment, but also for reducing energy bills .  Since 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency has been granting Energy Star labels to the most efficient consumer products to help Americans Continue Reading

  • How Do Energy Costs in Your State Compare to Other States?

      1 = lowest cost; 51 = highest cost green = low cost; red = highest cost Energy costs can spike in the summer time, when many people would probably rather sit inside and crank up the A/C. But for some states, that cost is significantly higher than others. Wallet Hub decided to compile data Continue Reading

  • Department of Defense to Make Total-Energy Usage 25% Renewable by 2025

    The Department of Defense (DoD) plans on making significant investments in renewable energy sources, according to a report released by the Clean Energy Pipeline. Over the course of the next decade, the DoD intends to draw a quarter of its total energy usage from renewable sources, by 2025. Clean Energy Pipeline, an independent-online publisher centered Continue Reading

  • The new normal: energy report predicts volatility, elevated commodity prices here to stay

    Nominal energy prices have increased 260 percent since 2000, according to a new report issued by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.  The firm warns that many commodities have a new price floor, while economic pressures are increasing the volatility of the resource market. The report serves as an important reminder that alternative energy sources Continue Reading

  • Consumer Reports on Lighting

    You may have heard that light bulbs are changing in 2012. On January 1st, new standards take effect which will give you new lighting choices that are 25-30% more efficient than the decades old incandescent bulbs that your grandparents used. Contrary to reports, incandescent lights are NOT being banned—they are simply becoming more efficient. Not Continue Reading

  • Why the BULB Act is Bad for Consumers

    The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this evening on legislation that would repeal efficiency standards for light bulbs put in place in 2007. Please allow us to shed a little light on why this legislation is a really bad idea. In short, the legislation (H.R. 2417, or the “Bulb Act”) would increase Continue Reading

  • Your cable box is stealing your money!

    Does your cable box stay warm all the time, even when its turned off?  That’s a sure sign that it’s wasting a lot of energy. Set-top boxes (also known as “cable boxes”) may not seem like big power users, especially compared to your TV.  But in fact, according to a recent NRDC study, the higher-end boxes eat up more electricity Continue Reading

  • How to save energy without trying

    Wouldn’t it be nice to save energy without really trying? You probably haven’t noticed, but this is exactly what efficiency standards have been delivering to consumers for decades. Congress has gradually moved up the bar for efficiency, which has driven manufacturers to invest in more efficient technologies and make products that cost less to operate Continue Reading

  • Energy efficiency: "The Fifth Fuel"

    Pop quiz—what’s the cheapest source of electric power? Coal, natural gas, nuclear or renewables? Actually, the answer is energy efficiency. Increasing efficiency in energy usage can be as valuable as producing energy, and it’s a lot cheaper. By reducing our energy usage, we can save money and harmful emissions both directly and by reducing the Continue Reading

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