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Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

Better fuel economy standards will save consumers money and increase vehicle choice.

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  • A Review of Consumer Benefits from Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards

    New vehicle fuel economy standards will save consumers thousands of dollars while cutting back on pollution, creating jobs, and reducing oil consumption. Consumer Reports estimates that consumers will realize a savings of about $4,500 over the life of a vehicle when standards are fully implemented. The new standards have other benefits, including decreased carbon emissons, job creation, a boost to the economy, economic security and stabilization.

  • FAQs on Fuel Economy

    Frequently Asked Questions on Fuel Economy Standards  How do fuel economy standards work? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set average mile-per-gallon targets and emissions targets for each car manufacturer’s fleet. The CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards are based on “footprint” curves, where each vehicle has a Continue Reading

  • Better Fuel Economy by 2025 Will Deliver Great Value to Consumers

    Consumers will reap major savings from newly proposed higher fuel economy standards.

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  • New EPA Annual Report: 2012 Fuel Economy Hit Record High

    EPA’s annual report shows MY 2012 vehicle sales hit an all time record high for car and truck average fuel economy.   And the trend is likely to continue. Highlights from the report demonstrate many positive developments: MY 2012 fuel economy averaged 23.6 miles per gallon—a new record and 1.2 mpg higher than MY 2011. Fuel Continue Reading

  • New MIT study: Pollution from U.S. Transportation Causing 53,000 Premature Deaths Each Year

    Conclusions from a recent MIT study provide yet more support for the need to move quickly on implementing stricter emissions standards: the cars and trucks we drive every day are shortening lives. According to MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, total ground-level emissions account for 200,000 early deaths annually, and transportation is the leading Continue Reading

  • Highlights from #CleanAir4Kids

    Did you miss our Twitter chat yesterday on the EPA’s proposed clean car standards? We’ve pulled together the highlights: [View the story "Highlights from #CleanAir4Kids chat" on Storify] You can read the full chat overview here.

  • Top 5 news stories from March on clean cars.

    We saw some big things happen in the last few weeks on the road to cleaner cars. Here’s a taste: EPA announced average fuel economy hit a record high (23.8 mpg) in 2012 Hybrid sales jumped almost a third compared to the same period last year. EPA announced new tailpipe standards that will slash smog Continue Reading

  • Where do we go from here on climate change?

    Super Storm Sandy forced climate change into the headlines, and the President highlighted its urgency in the State of the Union address. But most people have watched the figurative climate storm brewing for awhile. Last year was the hottest year on record in the United States, and from the near-record low levels on the Mississippi Continue Reading

  • Historic Fuel Economy Standards Are Now Final

    It’s official: 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 is the new fuel economy target for automakers. It’s an historic moment—consumers will save over $1.7 trillion in fuel costs, and more than a half-million auto-industry related jobs are expected to be created by 2030 when the standards are fully in place.   Even after accounting for investment in Continue Reading

  • Fuel Economy Most Important Feature for Car Purchasers

    A new survey from Consumer Reports showed keen consumer interest in fuel economy and continuing support for higher fuel economy standards. Consumers are seeing high fuel prices at the pump and more desirable efficient vehicles in the show room–precursors for a significant market shift.  The survey found that 37 percent said their leading consideration when Continue Reading

  • State of Charge: Electric Vehicles’ Global Warming and Fuel-Cost Savings Across the United States

    This week brings an exciting new report from our colleagues at the Union of Concerned Scientists on the consumer and environmental benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV). The “State of Charge” report, an analysis of the global warming impacts and refueling costs of electric cars, finds that EVs have the potential to save drivers Continue Reading

  • Stronger Fuel Economy Standards Enjoy Wide Support

    It would be nearly impossible to identify a policy issue right now that almost everyone supports…unless you’re talking about stronger fuel efficiency for cars. One poll after another shows Americans are in strong support of higher fuel economy standards. And what’s not to like? New rules proposed by the Obama Administration to nearly double fuel Continue Reading

  • Higher fuel efficiency: finally a right turn toward progress

    Imagine having a car that gets over 50 miles per gallon, allowing you to cut your trips to gas stations in half and help the environment at the same time? Well, if proposed rules on vehicle fuel economy from the Obama administration are finalized, this (gas) pipe dream will become a reality. In a historic Continue Reading

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