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  • CU urges New York to fairly allocate Constellation settlement

    Consumer and senior advocates have called on Governor Cuomo and the Public Service Commission to provide immediate and direct relief to New Yorkers struggling with high electric bills as part of the funding awarded to New York by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  As part of a recent national settlement of its investigation of Continue Reading

Blog Posts

  • Big Oil Pays 11.7 percent tax rate

      ExxonMobil’s Headquarters in Houston, TX   The tax code lists that companies are to pay 35% taxes on their income to the federal government. But according to a new report by Americans United for Change, how much of that tax rate the largest oil companies pay is significantly lower. According to the report, the Continue Reading

  • Highlights from #CleanAir4Kids

    Did you miss our Twitter chat yesterday on the EPA’s proposed clean car standards? We’ve pulled together the highlights: [View the story "Highlights from #CleanAir4Kids chat" on Storify] You can read the full chat overview here.

  • Join Our Twitter Chat with American Lung Association: Cleaner Cars Means Healthier Communities

    Consumers Union (CU) and the American Lung Association (ALA) will host a joint Twitter chat on Tuesday, June 18 at 3:30 EST to talk about why EPA’s new proposed standards for vehicle emissions and low sulfur gasoline are needed to improve public health and share stories from people affected by air pollution from roadways. Join our Continue Reading

  • Top 5 news stories from March on clean cars.

    We saw some big things happen in the last few weeks on the road to cleaner cars. Here’s a taste: EPA announced average fuel economy hit a record high (23.8 mpg) in 2012 Hybrid sales jumped almost a third compared to the same period last year. EPA announced new tailpipe standards that will slash smog Continue Reading

  • The Consequences of Polluted Air

    There is no way to put a value on clean air. The health of most living creatures out of the water depend on it. Our existence and our future depend on it. There is no longer anyplace on the earth that man’s air pollution hasn’t reached. For me personally I’ve watched my mother’s health dwindle, she can’t Continue Reading

  • Fighting for Healthy Air

    Breathing in clean air shouldn’t be a luxury, but unfortunately for many Americans, it is. Since the Clean Air Act was passed in the 1970s, our environment has gotten cleaner but too many communities are forced to breathe in toxic, unhealthy air. To raise awareness of this issue and how we can all work together to fix Continue Reading

  • Americans deserve to spend their days surrounded by clean air

    An atmosphere around our children totally free of disease causing chemicals and particulates should be our goal. The Clean Air Act (Act) was enacted to help move us in that direction. That and other efforts to implement clean air and energy standards have been long and difficult. Environmental advocates have worked very hard to keep Continue Reading

  • The Clean Air Act Protects the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Communities

    Protecting our air, land, and water is vital to ensuring that future generations have equal access to the great environment that we enjoy today. Thus, it is not surprising when legislators attack controversial pieces of legislation such as cap and trade; however, the Clean Air Act is a noncontroversial law that has protected millions since Continue Reading

  • Safe air to breathe shouldn’t be a luxury, but for many communities, it is.

      Recent reports confirm what many people already feel: industry’s releases of toxic pollution are disproportionately located in low-income communities and communities of color.  According to a recent NAACP report Coal Blooded, nearly six million Americans live within three miles of a coal power plant.  And over 127 million people live in counties that received an Continue Reading

  • Michigan’s Proposal 3 Helps Consumers and the Environment

      On Nov. 6 you’ll have lots of decisions to make.  For Michigan residents, you’ll also have the choice to demand more clean energy.   Proposal 3 would increase the amount of renewable energy that Michigan electric utilities have to provide from 10 percent by 2015, to 25 percent by 2025.  Local utilities are on Continue Reading

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